The GS1 in Europe Regional Executive Committee (REC) is responsible for the GS1 in Europe strategy and operations. The 49 European Member Organisations elect the members of the REC for two years to decide on priorities for the Organisation and key activities.

After the elections that took place in December 2020, it is with great pleasure that we present the new REC for 2021-22:
Gregor Herzog, GS1 Austria CEO, will be the new GS1 in Europe Chairman from January 2021 to December 2022, François Deprey, GS1 France CEO and Elif Müftüoglu, GS1 Turkey CEO, will be the GS1 in Europe Vice-Chairs from January 2021 to December 2022
The 2021-2022 GS1 in Europe REC members will be: 
Thomas Fell, GS1 Germany; François Deprey, GS1 France; Jonatan Tullberg, GS1 Sweden; Bruno Aceto, GS1 Italy; Anne Godfrey, GS1 UK; Gregor Herzog, GS1 Austria; Pere Rosell, GS1 Spain; Jan Somers, GS1 Belgium and Luxembourg; Elif Müftüoglu, GS1 Turkey; Elzbieta Halas, GS1 Poland; Lars Kyed, GS1 Denmark; Mike Byrne, GS1 Ireland
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