On 17th of December 2020, GS1 Portugal led the 5th edition of "A chat with" hybrid events series, on this occasion on "Circular Economy & Sustainability". This remarkable panel discussion with speakers from the key sustainability and recycling players in Portugal was facilitated by a specialized journalist from a well-known Portuguese lay magazine. The two companies awarded with the first Lean & Green stars ever attributed in Portugal, two of the major companies operating in Portugal – Delta Cafés and Nestlé Portugal  - joined the panel discussion.

To symbolically award these two winning companies with the first star – Delta Cafés and Nestlé –, as well as the logistics company (Santos e Vale) awarded with the first Lean & Green prize, GS1 Portugal was honoured to host His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who also visited the Data Lab, a new data quality facility, built at GS1 Portugal in 2019. Without "letting the cat out of the bag" we would underline a couple of highlights from the His Excellency President's speech: "At GS1 Portugal I feel like at home" and "Nothing is structural, if not sustainable".

See the video here, it's worth watching it!