GS1 Healthcare Award 2016: GS1 Germany rewards exemplary projects in the healthcare sector

The focus is on process optimisation for the protection and well-being of the patient.


Process optimisation and patient safety par excellence: With the second GS1 Healthcare Award, GS1 Germany, in conjunction with the Association Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME), honoured special commitment to healthcare. The district hospitals Kreiskliniken Esslingen and AGFA Healthcare won the award in the category “Cooperation”. Wilfried E. B. Winzer from the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden, was named “Entrepreneurial Personality 2016”. The University Hospital Münster was rated best in the category “Individual Company”. The awards were presented in Frankfurt’s Alte Oper, the old opera house, on 27 September 2016.

The winning project of the Kreiskliniken Esslingen and AGFA Healthcare concentrated on enhancing patient safety by means of extended monitoring and checking of medication. For the district hospitals it is important to have a transparent process that shows which medicines have been prescribed, when these are dispensed to the patient, and when there are changes in the prescriptions. The hospitals use a specified system to keep perfect track of this: All the patients’ dispensers are customised with the help of the GS1 GSRN (Global Service Relation Number) and SRIN (Relation Service Instance Number). The hospital enters the numbers in encrypted form in the bar code GS1 data matrix. Reading the bar code label onto the dispenser, bed and customised patient bracelet enables the staff to determine without doubt whether the patient has received the correct medication. In this way the Esslingen District Hospitals ensure that patients and staff are identified unambiguously. The jury was convinced that the Esslingen District Hospitals are thus taking on a pioneering role in the field of patient safety.

In the category “Individual Company” the University Hospital Münster impressed with its exemplary process optimisation. The jury nominated a total of five companies in this sector. The University Hospital Münster stood out on account of its holistic process enhancements despite its complex infrastructure. In this hospital, for example, GS1-compliant bar codes are used to significantly simplify the OP documentation.


The GS1 Healthcare Award in the category “Entrepreneurial Personality” was presented to Wilfried E. B. Winzer. In addition to his work at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Mr Winzer has for many years intensively promoted process optimisation in the hospital and is considered an expert in this area.