Christel Delberghe said:

“We are pleased to again join forces with GS1 on a subject with real significance to the success of the Green Deal and Circular Economy. An EU digital product passport can be a valuable tool for companies and consumers in providing data across the supply chain.  As our paper underlines, it must go with the grain of existing processes and standards, to make it easy for companies to adopt and consumers to access and be flexible to accommodate new developments in a rapidly changing market.” 

Gregor Herzog, Chairman, GS1 in Europe said:

“The European Sustainable Product Initiative is a priority for GS1 in Europe, and the digital product passport is a great opportunity to show the value proposition of the GS1 standards, especially towards the retailer community. As a follow up of the MoU signed in 2019, this joint paper shows synergies between EuroCommerce and GS1 in Europe and a joint vision on important challenges like product data interoperability and portability.”


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