After the Central Banks GS1 User Group’s (CBGS1UG) meeting, hosted by Bank of Slovenia in Ljubljana last June, we launched a European survey to learn more about cash handling from the retailers’ perspective.

The results were very interesting and the summary was presented last October in Milan at the Cash Handling Working Group’s meeting during the GS1 in Europe Regional Forum.

The survey shows that cash is considered an important payment method also for the future, but cash handling processes can become more efficient.

We are preparing a poster on this for you! Stay tuned!

The meeting in Milan was very important, being the first time retailers, commercial banks and cash-in-transit (CIT) companies were admitted, in addition to National Central Banks.

On that occasion, our Group could share all most important ongoing projects and propose some inspirational topics Cloud for Locations, Blockchain and GRAI for reusable assets management. In addition, we managed to organise some workshops and participants had the opportunity to discuss the future needs of cash handling processes.

We also kicked off the new year with additional good news: new National Central Banks have shown their interest in using GS1 standards to implement their cash handling processes within their countries.

There’s still a lot to do and we don’t have time to stop. We are preparing the new CBGS1UG ‘s meeting and we’re also organising our participation in the Global Currency Forum 2020: it represents a very important opportunity to share how to improve cash logistics and traceability using GS1 standards with cash handling operators from all over the world.

If you are interested in being part of the future of Cash Handling and you need more information, please contact us: Albert Arbonés Alba from GS1 Spain ( or Giada Necci, from GS1 Italy (