The 1-hour webinar will take place on the 8th of June and on the 9th of June. We are repeating the webinar on two different dates, to make sure that you will be able to attend it. Choose the date that better suits your agenda!

  • 8 June 2021, from 09:00 to 10:00 CEST 
  • 9 June 2021, from 14:00 to 15:00 CEST


How to Register?

It is very easy! Select one of the two dates available for the webinar and click on "register here" below.

The confirmation of your registration and also the link to access the webinar will be sent over the next days. 


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The agenda

  • What is the Common European Market Segmentation
  • What are the benefits of having the Common European Market Segmentation
  • How to implement the Common European Market Segmentation / Guidelines
  • Success case from GS1 Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Next steps for the EU MOs


Why should you attend this webinar?

To better understand our DNA and our European market, GS1 in Europe has been working over the past years on collecting data about the Member Organisations who form GS1 in Europe. We have now a better picture of where we stand as a European platform composed of 49 MOs. To get this knowledge about our organisation, every year GS1 in Europe launches an online survey – Europe Insights.

This yearly work, Europe Insights, allows GS1 in Europe to collect data that guarantees, year after year, continuous monitoring and update of main indicators defining GS1 in Europe MOs’ environment, priorities, strategies, strengths, challenges, etc.

What if our EU MOs could...

  • have a common classification that would allow them to segment their members in a common way?
  • find new trends and opportunities within the European market?
  • learn from each other in specifics sectors?
  • support their national strategies also based on the European trends?

We do believe that this work developed over the last months with 10 EU MOs to create the Common European Market Segmentation, will strengthen our collaboration, and help your MO to better analyse the European market and collect key insights.

Your MO does not have a market segmentation yet?

If so, this webinar is for you! It’s the right time to implement our Common European Market Segmentation. We will have a success case from GS1 Bosnia-Herzegovina to present to you.

Your MO already have a national market segmentation?

If so, this webinar is also for you! You will learn how to connect your national segmentation with the European one and benefit from a consolidated market analysis at the European level. 




We are looking forward to receiving your registration!


For further information, please contact Diogo Almeida (diogo.almeida@gs1eu.org