During this meeting the main topics presented and discussed were:

  • The implementation of the Global Data Model throughout Europe. What countries are already actively implementing the data model and what are the steps to take? Two examples were given: the Czech Republic shared their gap analysis and Benelux presented issues found while implementing. A virtual roadshow will be planned to support throughout Europe. Interested in what you can do? Connect with your local MO or with GS1 in Europe
  • Renaud de Barbuat, COO of GS1 Global Office, has explained how the Global Data Model will be anchored within GDSN. The focus here lays on the release plan (GDM/GDSN), data pool readiness and the data quality vision
  • An update on the self-regulation of alcoholic beverages was presented with its three pillars: GS1 compliance (data model and management rules), direct licensing and harmonised data collection
  • The new guideline on explosives precursors. What is it, how does it work and what do you need to do?


The next Data Excellence webinar will take place virtually in July. Stay tuned, the exact date and agenda for the meeting will be available soon.

If you have questions on any of the topics, please connect and we will answer or redirect you to our European team (contactus@gs1eu.org)!