The planned agenda promises to deliver a wealth of information, plus unique networking opportunities for all conference participants.

During the opening plenary, speakers will discuss the role of GS1 standards to help address the worldwide challenge of providing the best care for each and every patient.

Throughout the three days, you will hear from many stakeholders:

  • Healthcare providers—business managers and clinicians alike—will demonstrate how using GS1 standards improves patient outcomes. They will share best practices for how to increase collaboration between every stakeholder involved in patient care.
  • Manufacturers and hospitals will explain the supply chain benefits and added value seen from implementation of global standards. Attendees will discover how standards help to reduce costs and make it easier to track and trace medicinal products.
  • Regulatory bodies from across the world will provide you with updates about Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations and hospitals will discuss the impact of UDI in their business and clinical processes.

Delegates will “see” GS1 standards live and in action during the conference site visits, as well as throughout the poster reception and marketplace.

The breadth of the conference’s topics and quality of its speakers will ensure you return to your organisation with new, valuable information and relationships. 

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