Data quality activities

The quality of data has become a key topic for all companies in all sectors. Indeed, good data quality ensures the information shared is useful to the end user- be it a retailer or a consumer. The GS1 quality activities ensure a consistent and common approach among all partners deploying quality assurance solutions.  

Publications and Deliverables

You will find here all the final documents, publications, brochures, leaflets, and videos linked to the activity you are currently browsing.

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Sharing Zone

Welcome to the GS1 in Europe Sharing Zone! Whether you are a GS1 staff member, a GS1 project partner or a visitor, you can all access this public and interactive zone. It contains documents uploaded by GS1 in Europe, GS1 Global Office, and GS1 Member Organisations from all over the world, covering all our activities. Just select a sector, an activity or a language, or simply use the map to find the document you are looking for.

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