Now that the GS1 Global Data Model has become a standard with a global and regional layer for the product categories food, near-food, pet food, alcoholic beverages and tobacco, a new essential phase can start: the implementation and governance phase.

It is time to get serious about the GS1 Global Data Model in Europe. After all, the work started with the European GS1 data community! We are now are organising a virtual event to inform this group and all other interested data professionals on where we are, what has been achieved and what the next steps are. Who will start implementing the global data model, how do you start implementing it, how will we maintain the regional layers and connect with the local data models and user groups? These are some of the questions that will be answered.

On the 3rd of July, 230 data professionals and other interested stakeholders joined a virtual event to discuss together how we can start implementation on the Global Data Model in Europe and how to organise the regional governance. On the GS1 Global Data Model the current status was presented and the interim GDM navigator was introduced. It was explained how to start implementation and how the regional governance will be organised. Furthermore the importance of both topics were addressed by industry. More to come (presentation, tools, etc). So make sure to register below. We want thank our speakers, that made this virtual meeting a success:

  • Armand Schins, Ahold Delhaize
  • Christian Przybilla, GS1 Germany
  • Christian Zaeske, Metro 
  • Henk-Jan Timmerman, GS1 in Europe
  • Jan Somers, GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg
  • Jean-Marc Klopfenstein, Nestlé
  • Laurent Seroux, P&G
  • Mark van Eeghem, GS1 Global Office
  • Markus Muller, GS1 Global Office
  • Tomas Tluchor, GS1 Czech Republic


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