European Innovation Network

In order to collaborate you have to innovate. Within GS1 in Europe an Innovation Network has been created. Some of the goals of this group are: Meet and share experience & knowledge
- Encourage multi-MO initiatives
- Establish centres of excellence for various themes of innovation
- Create a collaboration space to share experience, articles and POC
- Create opportunity to collaborate with GS1 innovation teams and to support a mutual exchange of experience and education within and between member organisations


Some of the activities of the Innovation Network are also open for others. In May 2020 GS1 in Europe is organising it first ever hackathon “Boosting radically honest products with AI and data”. This hackathon will have three main topics: sustainability, nutrition and Personalization/Individualization. It will use techniques like Computer Vision/AR/VR, Data mining, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies.

The GS1 in Europe an Innovation Network is led by Ramona Swhajor (GS1 Germany).  


Publications of the Activity

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