Harmonising the way GS1 MOs operate and learning from best practices and tools will be an effective collaboration within the European region. 


Improve customer satisfaction and time spent by GS1 for onboarding process for new customers jointly in GS1 in Europe by simplifying and speedup onboarding processes by e.g. automation, selection guides, self-service tools, templates/guides and helpful interactive instructions (like “walk me”).


  • Customer satisfaction improved (by easier, ‘right first time’, faster & thereby less frustrating onboarding taking the customer towards their goal quicker).
  • Less time (of limited added-value) spent by GS1 on each new customer onboard. Potential to onboard more customers or spend time on other topics.
  • Lowers the cost of onboarding processes.
  • Learning from processes of other GS1 MOs (best practices).
  • Offering solutions and best practices that will fit all MOs.



Project Lead: Daniela Springs, Marketing & Communication Manager at GS1 Austria, springs@gs1.at, +43 1 505 86 01-149