Cash Handling

GS1 in Europe has worked with the European Central Bank (ECB) and many National Central Banks (NCB) in Europe to establish rules around the use of GS1 standards in the cash supply chain. Once line work has been defined with NCB, the main goal of cash handling group at this stage is to attract other stakeholders in order to consolidate and extend the implementation of the standards defined with ECB and NCB.


In addition, cash handling group will analyze if and how new GS1 standards (EPCIS, cloud for locations, DigitalLink etc.) can be used in the sector.

Retailers, cash-in-transit companies (CIT) and commercial banks are further important cash handling stakeholders. The goal of the cash handling group is to involve them to implement GS1 standards for cash logistics and management.

At national level, each country will define how to address the goals defined by the working group. National strategies are based on the common European objectives of the project

Some main topics are:

  • GTIN, GLN, SSCC and GRAI allocation and use
  • Barcodes & Labelling
  • Processes & EDI
  • Traceability

For further information, you can contact Giada Necci (GS1 Italy) and Albert Arbonés (GS1 Spain).


Publications of the Activity

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