Last mile delivery:

Last mile delivery is key when it comes to consumer satisfaction in online retail. The GS1 Serial Shipping Container Code, as a unique parcel identification, can help retailers, carriers and service providers to build flexible and efficient delivery networks that provide the best customer service at less costs, enabling delivery where and when the consumer wants it, including track and trace and easy return options.

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Product search:

A good product search experience for the consumer starts with the right product data. The GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network and Data Quality programs enable brand owners to share that data with retailers in an efficient and effective way. When using this data on consumer facing websites one could use GS1 Smartsearch to mark the different data attributes and make its text machine readable for search engines. This will enable search engines to distill more relevant search results for the consumer.

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Key authentication:

Listing a product with an off line retailer usually takes up to 12 weeks. Online marketplaces want this to be done in no more than 12 minutes. In order to make sure that the GS1 code is the worldwide unique identification of the product that is being listed, marketplaces want to have the ability to check this. While the site already offers the possibility to retrieve information about the licensee of a GS1 code, we are now developing even faster services: GS1 Membercheck is one of them.

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