Fruits and Vegetables

The fruit and vegetable business is a global business with suppliers from all parts of the world. The fruit and vegetable sector has made a clear decision to adopt the GS1 System to improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

The reason for this is that within European fruit and vegetable trade relationships, traders and retailers have encountered divergences in identifying fruit and vegetable products as a result of: the use of different product identification, the use of different information exchange approaches from one country to another, and diverging business practices. In order to harmonise the way of dealing with fruit and vegetable products, these companies have asked GS1 in Europe to improve the integration of the GS1 Fresh Food Solutions and to develop a comprehensive integrated Implementation Guide including GS1-Standards for Identification, Barcoding, Master Data Management and Electronic.

As trade of fresh fruit and vegetables is a global business, the intention is to build recommendations that are globally applicable and built on global GS1 standards. Additionally, since in Europe the same legislation applies in a large number of countries, the legislation needs to be taken into account when developing a solution.

Any GS1 member organisation or fruit & vegetables company is invited to join the group to build this framework and share experiences with business partners. More information can be found below.

Publications of the Activity

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