Data Excellence

Sharing information with consumers has become vital. European users and regulators expect a harmonised approach. GS1 standards allow the various stakeholders to exchange business-to-business but also business-to-consumer data in a reliable and secured way.

GS1 Data Excellence Governance

Within GS1 in Europe activities on data exchange and data quality are organised on a regional level. The Data Excellence Steering Committee is in charge of developing and implementing a common strategy for GS1 GDSN, GS1 Source, data quality and digital content. The Committee provides a platform to promote best practices around GS1 data management solutions. 

GS1 Data Excellence Technical Work

The B2B2C group, which consists of technical experties from the European member organisations come together on a regular basis in order to solve and harmonise technical questions that are raised within countries.

GS1 Global Data Model Development

From the data excellence working groups, every year some topics are prioritised and worked on in detail throughout the year. One of the best examples of this is the Global Data Model, which partly started as a European effort in order to harmonise the local data models for the European continent.

Publications of the Activity

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