Adding DIY, Garden & Pet to the Global Data Model

The sector DIY, Garden & Pet will be added as a regional layer to the Global Data Model. This is a programme setup and facilitated by GS1 in Europe, together with Global Data Model team from GS1 Global Office.






Creating the community

There is a clear demand from industry to enable the exchange of data in the DIY, Garden & Pet sector. We are now forming the European community, consisting of retailers, brand owners / suppliers, solution providers and associations. GS1 in Europe, together with the Global Data Model team from GS1 Global Office and a large group of European GS1 Member Organisations will support and facilitate the sector to realise the common foundational data model. All participants of the kick-off session will be added to the programme. The community will be asked to sign a letter of intent to implement the data model. This is a prerequisite for the success of the work ahead.


Delivery of the data model

During the session the already successfully implemented Benelux approach, to exchange b2b and b2c master data via the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN), has been presented. While the group will have to harmonise already standardised b2b attributes across existing models, the workgroup will use the proven Benelux model as a starting point for the b2c/eCommerce data. The work will be accomplished in a series of sessions. These sessions will focus on:

  • Industry potential and engagement
  • Levering and harmonising the existing B2B data
  • Explaining the setup of B2C attributes based on the GPC classification
  • Connecting with other classification systems
  • Testing, piloting the model before implementing
  • Anchoring the data model within the GSMP standard
  • Governing and maintaining the model
  • Implementing the model with industry partners


Timeline of the programme

The sessions will be planned throughout Q2 and Q3 of 2022. A detailed planning of the sessions will be shared with the community in a few weeks. Register below if you have not been part of the kick-off session on 24 March 2022. The goal is to start implementation throughout Europe in Q4 2022. During the GS1 in Europe Regional Forum in Amsterdam (17-20 October) the community will be invited to come together and start implementation of the European Regional Layer for DIY, Garden & Pet of the Global Data Model. 


Interested in knowing more about this project? Fill the form below or contact Henk-Jan Timmerman (henkjan.timmerman@gs1eu.org) 


Publications of the Activity

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